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Uncertain Recovery Timetable for Injured Knicks Star

Geoff Block

A former Wall Street executive, Geoff Block has managed the RLB Squared investment portfolio since 2013, during which time he purchased and leased a building to Jaguar Land Rover to serve as its North American headquarters. A passionate sports fan, Geoff Block counts the New York Knicks as his favorite National Basketball Association team.

New York Knicks star player Kristaps Porzingis underwent surgery to repair his ACL midway through the 2017-18 season and was limited to only 48 games. While he has progressed to performing light running and shooting drills, the Latvian power forward is hesitant to confirm whether or not he will play during the 2018-19 season. The average recovery time from such a surgery is between 10 and 12 months; a 12-month recovery would mean Porzingis is back following the All-Star break, but he believes his 7-foot-3 frame might slow the process.

However, Dr. Laith Jazrawi, an NYU Langone sports medicine specialist, told the New York Post that Porzingis’ height shouldn't make a difference in his recovery time so long as he passes a pair of Biodex machine tests measuring his quadriceps and hamstring strength. According to the website Hoops Rumors, 78 NBA players have torn their ACLs since 1996, and only six of those have been 7 feet tall. Prior to Porzingis, ex-Knicks Jerome James and Robert Swift, at 7-foot-1 each, were the tallest players to suffer the injury.

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