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The Managing Directors of Sharp Plaza

Geoff Block

Geoffrey (Geoff) J. Block is a Wall Street veteran who applies his background in finance to the real estate world. Focused on personal and family investments, Geoff Block is the manager of RLB Squared, LLC, in Bluffton, South Carolina.

RLB Squared possesses a minority interest in Sharp Plaza in Bergen County, New Jersey, which it acquired after partnering with the Becker Organization. The building that houses Jaguar Land Rover’s North American headquarters is managed by the Becker Organization team, led by Jason Leary, its director of asset management.
Leary oversees the day-to-day operations of all assets under the Becker Organization, including Sharp Plaza. Leary works with other Becker Organization executives, including Joseph Zito, the firm’s COO and CFO. Zito handles the firm’s accounting, financial reporting, planning, and risk assessments.
Leary also works with Scott Glauberg, the firm’s director of acquisitions. Glauberg oversees acquisition developments, such as Jaguar Land Rover’s 2016 construction on Sharp Plaza, where the auto company customized and expanded its leased space.

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