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New York Yankees' Rise on Forbes' Sports Money Index

Geoff Block

The recipient of a bachelor's degree in business from Tulane University, Geoff Block is a former Wall Street executive who has served as manager of South Carolina's RLB Squared, LLC since 2013. An avid sports fan, Geoff Block enjoys following Major League Baseball's (MLB) New York Yankees in his free time.

Despite missing more than a dozen players accounting for nearly $82 million in salary due to injuries, the Yankees had the third-highest average home game attendance through the first month of the 2019 MLB season. The team is worth an MLB-best $4.6 billion, according to Forbes, and recently moved up three positions to No. 8 on Forbes' Sports Money Index (SMI), which ranks teams, brands, agencies, and athletes based on overall influence.
New York was the top-ranked baseball team on the list and fourth-highest ranked sports team, behind only the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors of the NBA and FC Barcelona. Nike and LeBron James achieved the No. 1 and No. 2 rankings, respectively, on the SMI. The Yankees climb is in part attributed to an overall rise in average MLB team worth, which jumped eight percent from the year prior. Other teams in prominent markets, like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox, jumped five and 12 positions, respectively, to No. 30 and No. 31.

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