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Freeman School of Business Offers Career Capital to Students

Geoff Block

Since 2013, Geoff Block has served as the manager of the RLB Squared, a South Carolina based real estate development firm. A member of the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce, Geoff Block has successfully developed several high profile properties that include Jaguar Land Rover’s headquarters in New Jersey.

Outside of his professional work, Mr. Block contributes financial support to his alma mater, the Tulane University Freeman School of Business. Originally founded as the College of Commerce and Business Administration in 1914, the Freeman School of Business is an internationally recognized business school that holds a top 1% ranking from Thomson Scientific’s Essential Science Indicators index.

Currently, the school enrolls over 3,000 students, who benefit from resources that help them to prepare for any challenge life presents and build career capital. The students have access to the university’s Financial Analysis Lab to use for research on different industry platforms such as Capital IQ, Datastream, and Morningstar. In addition, the Turchin Business Library offers a wide range of business research resources. Career consultants are also on hand to support students at the Career Management Center.

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