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Eligibility and Selection by the Lowcountry Strong Foundation

Geoff Block

Geoff Block, the manager of RLB Squared, leverages his experience in the financial services industry to handle the daily operations of his South Carolina-based company. Dedicated to helping the community, Geoff Block supports the Lowcountry Strong Foundation, a fund that helps families in Jasper and Beaufort Counties receive disaster and hardship relief.

To request help from the Lowcountry Strong Foundation, applicants must meet three eligibility criteria:
- They must live full-time in South Carolina’s Beaufort or Jasper Counties;

- They must have a critical financial need that is affecting either their quality of life or their home's value, and this need must be the result of the lack of resources or significant damage to the primary residence; and

- They must make less than $85,000 per year in combined income.

The Foundation will consider applications that do not meet this final requirement, depending upon extreme circumstances. Once applications are sent to the Foundation, the advisory board meets and considers the application for approval.
Any assistance offered by the fund rarely exceeds $15,000. The money is sent to the vendors and/or organizations that are providing assistance and support to the applicant.

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